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They’d like to welcome you to find out who you are by joining UFC FIT, where you will have access to world-class training facilities, engaging group sessions, and a community of helpful coaches and people who share your interest in working out. They motivate one another to have a fighting attitude, regardless of how old or strong they are physical. Learn more.

Their Journey

UFC GYM, the first of its kind, opened in 2009 as a significant brand extension of the prestigious MMA organization UFC® and premium global sports brand UFC FIT. Utilize functional exercise, UFC-inspired conditioning courses, and access to top-notch facilities to get in the best shape of your life.

Elite Trainers

Their trainers are elite athletes who have devoted their lives to fitness. They must complete a difficult certification test supported by research created especially for UFC FIT.

A fitness experience

Not just a gym. Accomplish your objectives by joining their welcoming community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and gaining access to their exclusive classes, top-notch equipment, and luxurious facilities.



During their bike lessons, you’ll fly through an indoor athletic ride to get your heart racing and endorphins flowing. Hills, flats, trials, and drills will increase endurance and start the burn.


Their motivating boxing and kickboxing conditioning workouts are you vs. the bag. Sculpt your whole body, burn calories, and improve your cardiovascular and physical endurance.


Engage in a stimulating exercise. These high-intensity workouts could be the most enjoyable exercise experience, with music thumping and perspiration pouring down your face. friendly to newcomers consists of Zumba.


Connect your mind and body as you rejuvenate and repair, or lengthen and strengthen. Your flexibility may improve, and you may gain from targeted core training in various yoga sessions, Pilates, and other activities.


Improve your functional fitness while building the physique of your dreams. Select a class that works your whole body, or choose to concentrate on a specific muscle area, like your legs or glutes. It may include bands, weights, and other equipment.


Les Mills wants to make the world healthier by providing practical exercises. Moving to upbeat music and doing so has tangible consequences. Options for exercise classes include the well-liked Bodypump.


Their youth programs aid in developing coordination, agility, speed, and strength while fostering strong athletic and motivational abilities that can be used outside of the gym. Age-appropriate classes, including Youth Boxing, are designed.


Indoor cycling with the exhilaration of outdoor riding. Pumping music and a teacher that encourages you to take on flats, sprints, and hill climbs while encouraging both strength and cardiorespiratory improvements will keep your drive strong.

Fit for UFC Individual Training

The impossibility may be made attainable with the appropriate personal trainer. Utilize their top-notch trainers to your fullest potential. You’ll have a partner who will encourage you to go farther and faster and a program tailored to your individual requirements.

Personal Training

Get matched with the ideal fit. Experts in their fields, their personal trainers. They’ll pair you up with the best trainer, who will create a plan specifically tailored to your objectives, way of life, and background. They offer a trainer for everyone, from beginners to competitive athletes and everyone in between!


Every UFC FIT trainer must complete a demanding certification procedure supported by science created for us by top industry professionals. Through continual educational opportunities, their top fitness professionals ensure that trainers keep current on cutting-edge industry advances.


Utilize UFC GYM Recovery to perform at your best! Recovery is part of a well-rounded exercise regimen. Their pre-and post-workout therapies are developed to help their dedicated athletes succeed even more. Location-specific recovery services exist. To verify availability, speak with your neighborhood club.


In order to help with the treatment of muscular discomfort, sprains, edema, and inflammation, cryotherapy is the administration of very cold temperatures. Inquire about targeted spot treatments.

Compression Massage Therapy

The leading provider of compression recovery technology, NormaTec, and UFC GYM are happy to work together. Athletes may warm up before a workout with their cutting-edge compression devices, and they can recuperate swiftly after training and competition.

Percussion Massage Therapy

Massage treatment with percussion enhances range of motion, increases circulation, hastens warm-up and recovery times, and relieves tight and stiff muscles. Hyperice and UFC GYM are happy to work together.

Train difference

Take advantage of the opportunity! Put forth the effort to get into the best form of your life right now. Make the most of your free all-access pass by taking advantage of UFC GYM’s many courses, welcoming community, and exciting atmosphere.

Online Personal Training

You may be able to obtain expert coaching, a plan that is personalized to your needs, and one-on-one attention in real-time when you engage in online personal training. Regardless of your objectives or approach, or athletic you are, they have a coach that can help you achieve them. No equipment is needed.

Find Your Fit.

Unleash the power inside you! To get started on your journey, choose the membership level that most closely matches your preferences and needs. Discover the perfect workout for you, whether it’s via their Ultimate Classes or their endless access to Group Fitness.

Youth Programs

Give your children a solid foundation so they may succeed. Their youth programs aid in developing coordination, agility, speed, and strength while fostering strong athletic and motivational abilities that can be used outside the gym.

Daily Ultimate Training

Always prepare for the unexpected while participating in their well-known high-intensity interval training program. Your body experiences a number of timed stations with repeatedly shocked intervals to get the desired outcomes.

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You may reach them by phone at (973) 293-5057 or on their website if you’re interested in learning more.