02.5 - stucco maintenance made easy

Simple Stucco Care: 7 Tips to Keep Your Exterior Glowing

If you’ve ever admired those textured walls on buildings in regions with warm and sunny weather, you’ve seen stucco in action. It’s that special finish that gives homes and businesses that unique Southwestern vibe. But stucco isn’t just about looks—it’s a practical choice for all kinds of buildings, whether they’re made of wood, concrete, or brick.

Why Stucco Rocks

Stucco isn’t just popular for its appearance—it also got some serious perks:

  • Budget-Friendly: Stucco gives you a high-quality look without draining your wallet.
  • Easy-Peasy: Installing stucco isn’t a hassle, especially when the experts handle it.
  • Paint Your Way: Customize your stucco with the perfect color to match your style.
  • Built to Last: With proper installation and care, stucco could stand strong for almost a century.
  • Low Upkeep: While it’s low-maintenance, a little TLC goes a long way.
  • Fire-Ready: Stucco has some fire-resistant mojo to keep you feeling secure.
  • Weather Warrior: Come rain or shine, stucco takes it all in stride.

However, like all good things, stucco needs a little love to stay in tip-top shape. So, let’s dive into some maintenance tips to keep your stucco exterior looking fabulous:

1. Cracks and Peeling Paint? No Bueno!

If you spot paint peeling off your stucco, there’s a story behind it. It could be bad prep work during installation, water issues, or other woes. Fix the root cause before you whip out that paintbrush.

2. Give it a Yearly Once-Over

Stucco is tough, but it doesn’t hurt to give it an annual checkup, especially when the weather gets wild. Little cracks from changing temps are normal, but it’s smart to keep an eye on them.

3. Mend Those Cracks and Holes

Tiny cracks (we’re talking less than 1/8 inch wide) are no big deal. Grab some waterproof, paint-friendly acrylic caulk to patch ’em up. Bigger troubles? Call in the stucco pros—they’ve got the skills.

4. Defy Paint Problems

Painting stucco isn’t a random art—it’s a science. Stick to the manufacturer’s rules about temperature and humidity, and you’re set. Don’t DIY this unless you know your stuff.

5. Choose Quality Paint and Primer

Stucco’s a thirsty one—it likes to sip moisture. Show it some love with primo waterproofing primer and paint. For the best results, go with acrylic latex paint. It’s a star on stucco, nailing the color and coverage game.

6. Keep It Sparkling Clean

Give your stucco a twice-yearly bath to dodge dirt buildup. But before you break out the hose, make sure any stucco boo-boos are patched up. You don’t want water sneaking in.

For the scrub down, a hose with a sprayer is your trusty sidekick. Remember, power washers are powerful beasts—too much muscle could rough up your stucco. Let the experts handle that beast.

7. Rule the Water Game

Water might be life, but it’s not stucco’s BFF. Sprinkler splashes, leaky gutters, and puddles can stain your stucco and throw mold and mildew parties. Check your spots with lots of plant pals—mold loves those areas. If you spy that white powdery bloom (efflorescence), tackle it pronto.

Following these tips is like giving your stucco a spa day—it’ll repay you by staying stunning for years. When your stucco needs more than a DIY touch-up, bring in the pros. They’re like stucco whisperers, and they’ll make your exterior sing again.

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Stucco isn’t just about making your home look snazzy—it’s about keeping it strong and stylish. So, whether you’re in the blazing desert or the stormy coast, stucco’s got your back. Give your place that timeless Southwestern flair with stucco, and with a sprinkle of care, it’ll age like fine wine. Your home deserves the royal treatment, and stucco’s here to deliver.