The goal of KidzToPros is to provide purposeful after-school enrichment and seasonal camp programs to kids aged 4 to 18 all around the country. KidzToPros has collaborated with more than 500 schools in 15 metropolitan areas over the last five years to provide on-campus and online programs to more than 40,000 kids. More than 35,000 parents have put their confidence in us to offer STEM, arts, and sports programs that inspire, engage and educate. They will keep entering new markets to help children no matter where they are and their interests.

Click here. Pooja Shah started KidzToPros in 2016 as a result of her personal dissatisfaction with the enrichment options available in northern California. Her kid needed tennis lessons, but Google was of little use. There was no “Yelp” in her neighborhood where she could read evaluations of tennis or other after-school activities. She was given the runaround when she eventually found someone nearby. Pooja could not speak with the teacher, examine the timetable, or evaluate the progression of the lessons. A trial session was not an option.


Tech professional Pooja from Silicon Valley had always wanted to launch her own company, and now she was on a mission. She has the opinion that it shouldn’t be difficult to locate your kids’ engaging educational and enrichment opportunities. So she started KidzToPros with Shane Fernandes. Pooja and Shane assembled a great team of trainers and instructors using the best practices they learned while working at companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google. They also developed a strong operations management platform to deliver and manage all initiatives.

The platform provided by KidzToPros enables parents to register for and oversee their children’s activities. This offers simple search functions, direct contact with instructors, SMS alerts when their kid is checked in or out of a program, and progress monitoring for their child.

Their program lineup, which includes coding and game creation, after-school activities, and summer camps, is created to meet each kid’s individual educational and socializing requirements. KidzToPros helps children grow and develop in a fun and secure atmosphere under the direction of top-tier qualified teachers and professional instructors who are enthusiastic about teaching and child development.

KidzToPros STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Programs.

For children from Pre-K to grade 12, KidzToPros provides a variety of well-liked STEM, arts, and sports summer activities. They provide kids with exciting and motivating activities, such as Makerspace, LEGO Robotics, art classes, and soccer. Children learn in a setting that is exciting, safe, and free from the pressures of school.

KidzToPros is the Best Choice.

Encourage your child’s curiosity and equip them with lifelong skills that will help them succeed in the future. The most popular project-based curricula in coding, game design, robotics, 3D modeling, cinematography, music, and more are available from KidzToPros!

Involvement in extracurricular activities and educational programs might provide some of a child’s favorite educational opportunities. They may learn about a range of subjects in an enjoyable setting. KidzToPros offers popular programs in 12 areas of the United States. They can provide the best programs to your community thanks to their excellent collaborations with local parks & recreation facilities and schools.

Why Attend a KidzToPros Summer Program?

Elementary school students

Seasonal camps and after-school programs offered by KidzToPros are very beneficial for students in Pre-K through 5th grade. These additional hours are necessary so that young children may interact with peers, pick up new skills, and explore new interests. Raising a child’s self-esteem and fostering better communication can aid in their socialization and assist them in acquiring interpersonal skills. Elementary children utilize this time to develop and learn while being engaged in a program they are enthusiastic about or wish to attempt.

Benefits for Middle School Students

Middle school might provide difficulties

Teenagers start to experience pressure in their social and academic lives. Children aged between 10 and 14 may explore new interests by enrolling in online courses, attending on-site camps, and after-school activities. Discover digital art, video production, or game design without feeling obligated to do well. They make new friends in a welcoming, engaging, and secure atmosphere. Building self-esteem and confidence is the main goal to better prepare the students for the next academic year.

Benefits for High School Students

Online and on-campus courses 

benefit students between the ages of 14 and 18. They utilize this time to delve further into subjects that they are passionate about or that fascinate them. Students in high school acquire talents like music production, web design, game design, and programming that are useful in college or in future employment. Teenagers may practice sophisticated problem solving, critical thinking, and verbal and nonverbal communication styles in these classes’ secure environments.

The Value of On-Campus Programs

Children who enroll in on-campus programs can engage in practical activities and social interaction with their classmates. They do group tasks like making robots and coming up with Makerspace ideas. Children become physically healthier and learn the importance of cooperation. Students are prepared for the forthcoming school year with the help of on-campus after-school programs and seasonal camps that place an emphasis on social contact, adhering to routines, and learning new activities.

The Value of Online Programs

High-quality educational content may now be made available to children of all ages and in any place thanks to technology. Children may feel comfortable in their own homes. May enjoy fun activities. They interact with kids their age, become comfortable utilizing online tools like video conferencing and eLearning platforms, and take classes with teachers and learners from all over the globe.

KidzToPros After-School Programs

Their well-liked STEM, arts, and sports curricula provide kids the chance to stretch their bodies and minds. All the while developing new skills among their peers in a secure and enjoyable setting.

Why STEM, Arts & Sports?

KidzToPros keeps youngsters engaged, motivated, and inspired by fusing the newest STEM technologies with the arts and sports. STEM, arts, and sports programs that are challenging and enjoyable develop well-rounded children. They have made it their aim to keep kids involved in top-notch enrichment programs that provide them with a strong foundation and encourage lifelong learning since parents have made this priority clear to us.

Their sports programs aid your child’s self-confidence, coordination, physical fitness, and strength development. They also boost your child’s cerebral and social abilities.

The KidzToPros Sports programs are designed to keep your kid interested and active while also fostering a love of cooperation and sports! They impart the essentials of each sport, such as appropriate form, abilities, tactics, and game regulations. Their programs place a strong emphasis on the values of leadership, collaboration, respect for others, perseverance, and kindness.

Your youngster will be instructed in the creation of games, interactive tales, programmable circuits, robots, and more!

The STEM programs offered by KidzToPros STEM are broad and designed to prepare your kid for a high-tech future. From introductory robotics, coding, and circuits classes to advanced courses in game design, machine learning, and electronics, their objective is to provide students with a route that will accelerate the development of their STEM talents.

The visual and digital art classes offered by KidzToPros offer your kids the chance to explore and grow in their creative abilities. Discover more about Wayne, NJ.

KidzToPros programs in dance, creative, and digital arts provide kids a platform to express their creativity and find out who they are by bringing concepts to life that they had only before envisioned. Their art activities foster creative thinking and encourage your kid to adopt fresh viewpoints on the world.

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