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How to Make Changes to the Outside of Your House in 2022

The outside of your house is important in many ways. The outside of your house can show off your style and personality as well as protect you and your family from the weather. If the outside of your home needs to be updated, these tips from the team at CMB Wayne Stucco & EIFS can give you ideas and help you figure out how to show off its design and architecture.

Change Siding

Covering or replacing your home’s exterior surface is a great way to make it look better and work better. There are many beautiful, long-lasting materials that can make your house look new and modern.

Switch It Up

Using different colors, materials, and styles of siding on the outside of your home lets you make unique designs that draw attention to different parts. For example, putting stone veneer on the bottom part of your house and attractive vinyl siding right above it makes a great contrast that will draw people’s attention. Different types, colors, and textures of siding can go almost anywhere, like the eaves, upper stories, towers, garages, and even the chimney.

Paint or Repaint Your Home

It’s true that a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your home. Paint can become dull and dirty over time, and it can also start to crack and peel. Even if your home’s paint job is in good shape, you might want to change the colors to bring it into the 21st century.

If you don’t have much money, you could just paint the trim and exterior doors in bright colors. No matter how big the job is, it’s important to hire professionals who have painted all kinds of exterior surfaces before. This is especially critical if you want to paint stucco.

Change Your Roof

A new roof can change how your house looks and make it worth more. It also keeps leaks, water damage, mold, pests, and other problems out of the house. There are a lot of different styles and colors of roofing materials to choose from. Taking care of your roof now can also help you avoid more expensive problems in the future. A few times a year, you should check on your roof to make sure it’s in good shape.

Replace the Gutters

Gutters that are old, beat up, or rusted can make your house look worse than it should. Not only that, but they are also very important for keeping water and debris out of your house, which can damage your roof, siding, and foundation. Installing good gutters and leaders can help water flow away from your home and make it look better from the outside. No matter if you want to buy new gutters or not, make sure to clean them at least a few times a year.

Choose the Rebuilders

When making changes to the outside of your house, it’s important to do the job right the first time. A good home improvement contractor will listen to what you want, look at the state of your home, and give you honest ideas about what might work best for your goals. Working with experienced contractors can help you get the most out of your budget and create something you’ll love for a long time.

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