How Stucco Repairs & Paint Can Renew Your Home | Wayne, NJ

How Stucco Repairs & Paint Can Renew Your Home

The outsides of the stucco mansions are beautiful. This robust and cement-like material has been used to cover the outside of homes for generations. With proper care, it can last for more than 50 years. The CMB Wayne Stucco & EIFS team knows regular painting and maintenance can keep your home’s stucco in great shape and make it stand out.

Why Painting and Fixing Stucco is a Good Idea

Keeps Moisture from Building Up

If you don’t paint stucco, water will gather on it. It must be painted often, especially in places where it rains and snows. Painting stucco keeps water from getting into the surface. Your house will be waterproof and have the same color all over. Fix any cracks or other problems so that water doesn’t get into your walls and cause damage.

Disguises Flaws

When water falls from your roof, gutters, or windows, it can leave ugly rust spots and streaks on your home’s stucco. With the proper cleaning and painting, you can get rid of or cover up these stains, and they won’t come back for years.

Patch Up Holes & Cracks

It is possible to hide small cracks in your stucco and keep them from worsening using high-quality stucco paint. Professional painters and repairers use special techniques, caulking, and masonry materials to fill holes and replace broken stucco pieces. Once the work is done, you won’t be able to tell that these problems exist.

Helps Block UV Rays

Any surface outside can get cracks and other damage from UV rays. 

Depending on the color you choose for your stucco’s paint, it may be able to reflect UV rays and help keep your home cooler.

Makes Exterior Look Better

If you paint and fix your home’s stucco, it will look great and be safe for a long time. When choosing paint colors to show your style, you have a lot of choices.

Whether or not you want to sell your home, a good first impression makes the inside and outside more enjoyable. Painted stucco gives a home a clean, classic look that guests, neighbors, and potential buyers will like. When it’s time to sell your home, stucco that has been well taken care of might make it worth more.

Why is It Important to Work With a Pro?

Painting stucco is not a do-it-yourself job because it requires skills, tools, and experience that most homeowners don’t have. If you want your house to look great and for the stucco painting to be done right, you should hire professionals.

Professional contractors can fix cracked or broken stucco and remove discoloration, chips, and other problems. Some of these ugly problems could hurt your home’s structure and make it look less nice from the outside. To keep the exterior of your home looking great, you should paint the plaster every five to ten years.