Body & Brain has provided yoga, tai chi, breathwork, and guided Meditation in courses and seminars for over 20 years. Currently, more than 100 sites around the country offer Body & Brain, classes.

Spiritual fulfillment, emotional harmony, and physical health are all interrelated. You may take care of all three of these significant facets of life with the aid of the programs and methods offered by Body & Brain practice. Additional information.

Discover training techniques based on a 5000-year-old tradition that includes breathing exercises, martial arts, stretching, and meditation to maintain the health of your mind, body, and soul.


Your physical, mental, and spiritual health will be improved by the Eastern techniques that are combined into each of their one-hour courses. Body & Brain helps you improve your capacity for attentive breathing and calm attention, maximizing the advantages of your physical activity.



You may have noticed that the yoga courses include a range of moves and postures to keep your practice fresh and exciting while always going through the fundamentals. Each Body & Brain yoga session helps you focus your awareness on yourself while also strengthening your body. You will build energy and strengthen your core via unique breathing postures, leaving you feeling refueled, at ease, and renewed.

What to Expect During Their Yogi Classes

A brief series of warm-up exercises will be followed by meridian stretching (to increase circulation, strength, and flexibility and calm the mind), core strengthening, and energy-accumulating breathing positions. You will next be taken through the energy meditation technique of jigam, which means “to calm the mind,” and a few cool-down exercises. You are always invited to stay for tea and conversation with your teacher and classmates after class.

Tai Chi, The Art of Energy Balancing

What is Tai Chi?

What is the purpose of Tai Chi? The natural equilibrium of life energy is referred to in tai chi. Since the beginning of time, humans have seen that nature seeks to establish equilibrium, and they have created techniques to access this phenomenon of natural energy. Numerous energy techniques, including Qigong and other therapeutic martial arts, may be categorized as types of Tai Chi.

How does Tai Chi work?

Exercises in tai chi emphasize energy flow, breathing, balance, mindfulness, and focus. You may do these exercises while standing, sitting, or even laying down. You may gradually get a more acute sense of your own energy by practicing Tai Chi. Many claims to feel lighter and stronger physically, with calmer emotions and clearer thinking.

Benefits of Tai Chi

What is the benefit of Tai Chi? It is advised to practice tai chi for general health. Balance, alignment, and stress reduction may all be helped by it. Exercises like tai chi may also be used to practice meditation. Activities for balancing energy in Tai Chi are excellent for individuals of all ages and may be customized for your particular situation. You could encounter:

Improved mood, more energy, and greater endurance.

Improved sleep; decreased chronic pain; increased flexibility, balance, and agility

improved muscular definition and strength.

Body & Brain Tai Chi

In many of their programs and seminars at Body & Brain, you’ll also discover energy-detecting and balancing Tai Chi exercises:

Postures for Strength and Stability

Postures for Circulation and Breathing



Their meditation methods and workshops will improve your skills, whether you are new to meditation or have some experience.

You may develop a sense of energy in your body and peace in your mind with the help of the effective guided meditation techniques offered by Body & Brain Practice.

They provide simple and effective meditation methods that assist you in learning to unwind and concentrate on energy sensations, naturally putting your mind into a state of profound tranquility and centeredness.

Through Meditation, you can enhance your MIND-BODY PRACTICE.

  1. Being comfortable and content with oneself is vital.
  2. Let go of your tension, anxiety, and negativity.
  3. Use the Check symbol to combine your mind and body for strength and energy.
  4. Boost your attention and creativity with this icon.
  5. Appreciating greater clarity and positivity
  6. Unwinding and getting better rest.


All Body & Brain programs include breathwork as a necessary component. With the additional energy that breathing may provide, surpass your boundaries.

According to some, breathwork is the foundation of real progress in mind-body practice, impacting every aspect of their being.

Their unique breathing posture system may enhance your mind-body practice’s depth and transformational potential by teaching you to build energy.

The Benefits of Breathing Work

All Body & Brain programs include breathwork as a necessary component. You may build energy, encourage your body’s natural capacity to repair and recharge, and improve your focus and awareness. The advantages of breathwork go beyond the classroom and may enhance your day and even your quality of sleep at night.

Breathwork will enhance your mind-body practice.

  1. Making your digestion better.
  2. check symbol
  3. Supporting mental and emotional balance.
  4. Sensing a greater sense of ease and comfort.
  5. Developing your strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  6. developing your core energy

Your body and mind are intricately linked. Your brain’s health may be favorably impacted by physical activity. Body & Brain practice encourages a profound mind-body connection that stimulates your brain’s innate strength and gives you the confidence to accomplish your objectives via a unique 5-step energy healing process. Check it here.

For a safer, healthier life.

They provide the finest holistic fitness through online and in-person sessions, including Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Breathwork. Visit their website or contact (973) 832-7020 for additional information.