Who They Are at Bach to Rock Wayne NJ Music School


Students of all ages and ability levels may take music classes at Bach to Rock in Wayne, New Jersey, including but not limited to those who live in Wayne, Pequannock Township, Lincoln Park, Haledon, Pompton Lakes, and Totowa. Guitar, piano, drums, voice, violin, trumpet, and more are just a few of the instruments they teach. To perform & learn music with your friends and meet new ones, check out B2R birthday parties and seasonal camps! They also provide preschool and toddler early life courses. Join a rock band or glee club to enhance your talents. Students get the chance to play in locations in the Passaic and Morris Counties thanks to B2R.

About Bach to Rock

The music school for children of all ages is called Bach To Rock. Based on the understanding that students learn best when they band together to perform the music they like the most, B2R developed its own teaching methodology. Due to this, they mix private tuition with band practice and employ original arrangements of contemporary music. Recording sessions and Battles of the Bands in their B2R Studios, which include professional recording studios, result from weekly “jam sessions.” Additionally, B2R provides routinely planned public performances that inspire students to develop as performers. These creative team-building exercises encourage cooperation, boost confidence, and inspire students to hone their musical skills via personal practice.

At B2R, they consider music education enjoyable; after all, it is called “play” for a reason! Because of this, the distinctive curriculum at B2R combines demanding one-on-one training with the band “jam sessions,” inspiring students to perform in a group. Like sports, playing in a band encourages collaboration, social skills development, self-esteem, peer recognition, and lifelong connections.

Their music schools use a cutting-edge method of teaching music based on the idea that everyone learns more quickly by playing the music they like, regardless of whether it’s rock or Bach. Teachers at B2R make unique arrangements that are age- and skill-appropriate so that students may start performing songs right away. Students who see early results and have a challenging but attainable objective are more motivated to study.

Lifelong Skill

B2R offers youngsters a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Years of enjoyment and satisfaction come from having musical talent. The musical achievements of youth brighten people’s lives for the rest of their days. Some become professionals, but the majority find tremendous joy in entertaining their friends at social events or playing in bands with their pals, which develops into a fulfilling creative hobby.


B2R provides voice lessons in addition to individual music instruction on a range of instruments. At B2R, they use both conventional and cutting-edge methods to teach music theory to children to help them improve their musical abilities. Only a tiny portion of their extensive music curriculum consists of private music instruction. Jam sessions and band participation are essential to their curriculum and music program. Students are entitled to join a band after they have mastered the fundamentals of their instrument, and they strongly encourage them to do so. They choose the right band for the student’s playing ability. Additionally, each location offers a professional recording studio for its students to use. Both theoretical and practical sessions are part of their program’s curriculum for recording arts and audio technology.

Online Learning

Instruction in music at a distance

Numerous of Bach to Rock’s well-liked music lessons, workshops, and programs are currently available in a live, online learning style. All students who have access to a video communication device and a practice tool at their place of residence are eligible for lessons. The same features and advantages of B2R will apply to you, including their curriculum, access to the MyB2R student monitoring page, and the amount of information and expertise their teachers can provide.

Individual Lessons 

The solitary aspect of music study is the biggest obstacle. It’s challenging to ask busy young people to dedicate a half-hour or more to practicing alone each day. Most children stop taking music lessons in little more than a year or two before they really learn to play and enjoy and feel fulfilled by their musical ability.

The main challenge in music learning is its solitary nature. It might be difficult to expect active young people to set aside 30 minutes or more each day for solitary practice. Before they learn to play an instrument and begin to appreciate and feel gratified by their musical skills, most kids discontinue taking music lessons in less than a year or two.

Guitar & Bass Lessons

One-on-one training uses classic and contemporary teaching methods, including tablature interpretation, sight-reading, rhythm, and composition. In order to enhance a student’s musical and instrumental talents from the beginning, teachers at B2R use cutting-edge techniques such as customized tunings that fit tiny hands and expand muscles. B2R instructors and students practice each arrangement with their assistance.

Voice Lessons

At B2R, vocal students may choose their own tracks, giving them control over how they grow musically. Additionally, they will be aggressively encouraged to sing in a range of genres, from rock and pop to classical, learning crucial techniques like voice projection, the development of a clean vocal tone, and proper breathing methods while deepening their grasp of melody in music. Since this is how most vocal music is performed, vocal students are encouraged to supplement their studies by working with one of B2R’s jam bands or ensembles. A student’s entire musical development benefits from the opportunity to connect with musicians of similar age and skill levels, since this creates an engaging performing and social environment.

Drum Lessons

Drum students at B2R will learn all the abilities required to play well in a band. Lessons emphasize rhythm, coordination, stick technique, and more advanced abilities like polyrhythms and four-way coordination. Additionally, there will be a focus on ear training, teaching pupils to identify drum rhythms in popular music and other genres. Students will eventually get a thorough knowledge of the drummer’s function in an ensemble and be able to perform with other musicians in a range of musical genres. It is crucial for students to look for chances to perform in bands or different group settings, whether they are within or outside of B2R since the drums are not solitary instruments. The only way a drummer can learn to blend musically with other musicians and assist them rhythmically is through performing with other musicians.

Piano & Keys Lessons

All other instruments may be studied using the piano as a base. Students improve their sense of polyphony while learning to read notes simultaneously in the treble and bass clefs on the piano (hearing more than one sound at the same time). A learner can generate a nice musical sound or note combination on the piano quicker than on any other instrument since it is physically simple to play. This strengthens the motivation to study. The layout of the keyboard also supports auditory and visual learning by allowing students to simultaneously see and hear the connections between notes, intervals, and chords. Last but not least, using the keyboard with both hands at once promotes left-right brain connectivity.

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